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Payment System and Infrastructure for Financial Inclusion

Setting a New Standard in Digital Payment Solutions Financial institutions, cryptocurrency organizations and merchants are desperately searching for effective solutions to reduce and eliminate transaction fraud. By merging the two processes of verification, reporting with a completely secure exchange platform, Payments, Exchanges, Transfers, Trades, Sells and Buys are Bulletproof!

International Monetary Specialists (IMS) lack of Transparency in Accounting

In 2011 IMS has developed a patented Time/Date Stamp solution system for Point of Conversion (POC) reporting that affords FX Trader the security of knowing exactly what their money is doing it, and when its doing it. There can be no more occurrences of slippage without proof of Transaction with this patented process.

Verify Smart Solves Fraud and Identity Theft

Verify Smart Corporation is the only World patent Holder #WO2008/037062 that has developed True Two Factor Authentication with Biometric Authentication combined with proprietary random number generation for an extra layer of security for users who make any currency based transactions online.


IMS’s track record and experience are Paramount for a successful payment system and EFT network infrastructure implementation. Provide the foundation to seemingly manage the complexities of a global business and its payment ecosystem financial solutions, successfully adapting to changing market dimensions and cultural variations in an evolving global market. Our team has the expertise and passion and is actively involved with focus on the excitement of building a one-of-a-kind innovative, high-growth, iconic platform company.


The project’s proposed objective is to create a sophisticated unified national payments network, which would allow rapid Bank modernization to participating Banks in order to enhance the quality and efficient circulation of payments throughout the country. This shall further allow for strategic funds management, mobilization and optimization in its allocation and social distribution that would lead to economic growth, in compliance with national policy on stabilization of the value of the state currency.


For the period of 2018 to 2019, we have planned to develop master planning for the first year and execution will continue to include other nations as we expand into other areas until now excluded from the banking institutions due to logistics and transportation availability of consumers.


Globally and focusing in the financial aspect as well as the Social information such as Passport, Driver License, National ID card, Insurance Cards, etc. as part of the development of a long range program within a serverless secure database.


Establishing the Inter-Bank Payment System and the Intra-Bank Payment Systems of the commercial banks by implementing the latest and most advanced technology to allow modernizing the banking and payment systems;

  • Strengthen the managing and controlling role the Central Bank in implementing the monetary policy, credit and banking services:Expediting the process and velocity of capital flow in the entire society;Enhancing and improving payment processes and procedures;Improving and strengthening the internal control and accounting procedure within commercial banks and the State Bank of Gambia;
  • Implementing and interconnection platform, based on international standards, in order for Gambian banks to integrate with other banking institutions and EFT networks in the region and the world.Provide the tool to track the flow of currency that will stop the movement of terrorist related financing and currency integration for their benefit.

IMS Moving Forward

  • A strong, knowledgeable and well-staffed Project Management Unit.
    Dealing with the complex procurement processes to meet the demands from participating commercial banks and other participants.
  • Legal and regulatory changes that have to go hand-in-hand with the introduction of a new payment system so that they can provide timely and consistent legal support and build a legal environment basis for the new payment/EFT-banking system to operate effectively.
  • Close supervision by the Central Bank’s task manager to ensure that the project’s implementation schedule remains on track.
  • Clear operational guidelines within the Central Bank needed to avoid adverse effects on the supervision and implementation of the project in the country.
  • Capacity building and institutional development activities that effectively address critical needs of an economy in transition in general and of the banking sector in particular that could be sustained with ease beyond the life of the project.
  • Clearer procurement procedures and guidelines to help to better address complaints in the procurement process.
  • The need to focus on manpower training which will be critical for the successful implementation of this project.
  • Technical systems and data center required back-up and redundant systems.
  • Physical security and integrity of the payment system and EFT network, which must be considered as the highest priority to protect the systems.