Patented Technology

Our Patented Process for Verification

We have developed a comprehensive and complete solution for electronic currency transactional services by combining powerful patented technologies with a revolutionary secure financial management system never before seen.

Working together, these three technologies solve some of the most pressing global financial problems of today for all forms of financial institutions, brokers, and service providers.

Our Patented Technology Briefing

Setting a  New Standard in Digital Payment Solutions

Financial institutions, cryptocurrency organizations and merchants are desperately searching for effective solutions to reduce and eliminate transaction fraud. By Merging the two processes of verification, reporting with a completely secure exchange platform, Payments, Exchanges, Transfers, Trades, Sells and Buys are Bulletproof!

International Monetary Specialists (IMS) Lack of Transparency In Accounting

In 2011 IMS has developed a patented Time / Date Stamp solution system for Point of Conversion (POC) reporting that affords FX Traders the security of knowing exactly what their money is doing, and when it’s doing it. There can be no more occurances of slippage without proof of Transaction with this patented process.

Verify Smart Solves Fraud and identity Theft

Verify Smart Corporation is the only World Patent Holder #WO2008/037062 that has developed True Two-Factor Authentication with Biometric Authentication combined with proprietary random number generation for an extra layer of security for users who make any currency based transactions online.

Legacy Financial Systems Solves Online Security Transactions

Legacy is a back end, transactional settlement system. Built on Hashgraph technology, Legacy provides an intermediary transactional processing system for organizations, institutions, retailers and consumers to safely exchange funds for goods and services online using a quantum hack-proof immutable ledger.
Sending Payments on Mobile Devices

Getting Verified!

VSMR holds World Patent WO2008/037062 and is currently used thousands of times every second, by over 5 billion concurrent users across nearly all transactional platforms.

Global Identity Solution

Verify Smart’s Solution

Verify’s solutions dramatically reduce fraud for consumer clients, credit card companies, financial institutions, cryptocurrency organizations and merchants with instant identity verification that is inexpensive to implement while being convenient and simple to use for the end user.

Crypto Currencies

Despite it’s massive growth, Cryptocurrencies are still far from a secure and stable place to store value, or for use as a transactional solution to today’s financial problems.

Fiat Transactions

Fiat transactions are expensive, lengthy, and labor intensive at best.


Continuous hacks, fraud and charge-backs are rampant in the online commerce, trade and transactional sectors

Reliable Partners In Cyber Fraud Prevention

Tying it all together.

Mass Adoption

Due to the partnerships between these 3 corporations, most large financial institutions, commerce platforms, and payment settlement systems will be presented with a package that offers incredible value, speed, and service that is unrivaled by any other service.

Time Stamping, (2FA) Two Factor Authentication , and financial settlement as secure as Legacy’s platform provides all the tools needed to take the financial sector into the future, where massive amounts of lost revenue from fraud and crime can be recovered and prevented.

100 % Secure Transactions

Does it Get Any Better Than This?

Legacy Financial’s Platform provides all the tools needed to take the financial sector into the future, where massive amounts of lost revenue from fraud and cyber crimes can be recovered and prevented using Patented Time / Date Stamping | Two Factor Bio Authentication with Instant Reporting sent to your inbox.